Ingot Ingolfsson.

This is Ingot, from the Burning Kaladruns game


Character Name – Ingot Ingolfson
Concept – Dwarven Advewnturer
Lifepaths – Born Artificer, [Clansman] Tinkerer, [Outcast] Rune Caster, Adventurer
Age – 82


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B4 B6 B5 B4 B5 B5


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Stride Greed
B6 B5 B11 B6 6 B2* B3 7 B3
*Tax 2 Cash-on-hand 1D
PTGS Su: B3 Li: B6 Mi: B8 Se: B9 Tr: B10 Mo: B11

Traits – [Dt] Accustomed to the Dark, [Char] Bearded, [Dt] Greed, [Dt] Oathsworn, [Dt] Shaped from Earth and Stone, [Dt] Stout, [Dt] Tough, [Dt] Adventurer, [Char] Curious, [C-O] Fleet of Foot, [Char] Show Pony, [Char] Slave to Fate, [Dt] Sprinter, [Dt] Thick Skinned, [C-O] Unlucky

Skills – Appraisal B3, Brawling B3, Dwarven Rune Script B3, Foraging B3, Haggling B3, Herbalism B3, Lockpick B2, Mending B2, Obscure History B3, Observation B4, Oratory B3, Rune Casting B4, Scavenging B3, Stealthy B3, Stentorious Debate B3, Stuff-Wise B3, Survival B3, Sword B5, Symbology B3


  1. There is power in the old places under New Thaler, I’ll seek it out and master it. Though finding a teacher would make things easier.
  2. The people must unite to defeat Izrador; New Thaler will become a beacon that will light the fires of revolution and Unite the people. It shall burn bright in the night before it dies. I must make sure it is a focus of all races before this happens.
  3. Bows are just plain dangerous, I gotta find me one of those.
  4. Oath: I swore to Rosalba I’d convince her father and the Elders that we will make a good match.

Fulfilled Beliefs

  1. I shall prove to my father that I can be a worthwhile dwarf without learning a trade.
  2. Possession: I will avenge myself on Grisnak


  1. I will keep my sword in easy reach.
  2. Walk stealthily and observe my surroundings carefully.
  3. Conceal my magic from public scrutiny, only trusted friends can know.

Gear – Traveling Gear, Clothing, Boots, Shoddy Arms [Sword, Small Sword, Knife, Hatchet], Dwarven Sword [VA1, +1D], string

Property – None

1D The Gnomes of Zulikh: Traders
1D The Servants of hte Stones: Runecaster Cabal

1D Artisans: Shiftless Skylarker

Rosalba, Gnomish Maiden [Minor, Romantic, Forbidden]
Tyzaro the Runecaster [Minor]
Ingolf Blackhand, Master Artificer & Father [Significant, Immediate family]
Hurold Ingolfsson; Artificer & Elder Brother [Significatn, Immediate Family, Rival]

Spells or Rituals -

Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist
Bare Fisted 3 5 7 2 0 Fast Shortest

Weapon Notes
1 Two-handed, may not be used with a shield
2 May Great Strike


Ingot Ingolfsson.

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