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This is my wiki Main Page. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My idea for a campaign requires some changes to Lifepaths to accomodate my vision. For a Start, most nobles of the empire and some their bastard offspring have access to the specific cultural trait Fiery Heart, and through that to the skill Pyrophera. There is no normal Sorcery in my vision of the game, that is locked away from humanity by ancient magic created by the Elves.

Pyrophera is a magic skill for creating and controlling fire. Haven’t worked out all the details yet. I expect I will used the abstraction system with a limitation that Pyrophera can manipulate only fire and no other elements, even with miscasting. The reasoning of using the abstraction system is it will make it so only those who spend time developing their skill will ba able to use it greatly, for the most part this will limit the real power of the art in favour of the Temple over the Nobility, with notable exceptions.

I have considering making various Emotional Attributes available to PC’s so various people can be motivated by Greed, Hatred, Grief, Spite and other traits I’ve yet to figure. I thought it might suit a political game to have these pushing play. It’s worth thinking about.

These are the known important Power Groups within the Empire, bracketed groups are secret groups, perhaps only rumoured in the most exclusive elements of society.


  • The Assembly : The political playhouse of the Empire, it has two tiers of authority, the Quorum Assembly, controlled by landed families, and the Forum Assembly of elected officials.
  • The Temple : The magical and spiritual power of the Empire. Manipulates politics to protect it’s secrets and the Emperor. They control magic in the Empire, mighty fires that burn their enemies and forge the magic blades carried by their officers.
  • The Kingdoms : Immense power within their Realm of influence, each with control of many seats in the Senate.
  • The Legions : The military power of the Empire. Each Legion is a power in it’s own right, nearly as powerful as the Kingdoms they protect.


  • First Bloods : Noble families descended from the companions of Phaestos. Many families have members in the Assembly, the Temple and the Legions.
  • Trade Guilds : Merchant families who have worked to control markets and the flow of wealth.


  • New Bloods : Noble families of weak or mortal bloodlines.
  • The Reasoners : Order of Hermestus, Philosophers, Scientists & Educators.
  • Roamers : Gypsies. A free people who by ancient decree may own no land, but pay no tolls. Traders, Travellers & Tale Tellers.

Secret Groups

  • [Eyes & Ears] : The Spies of the Emperor
  • [Spirit-Walkers] : Communities practicing outlawed worship of old Gods & Spirits.
  • [The Blood] : A secret cabal within the Temple, hoping to unlock magic beyond fire.
  • [Long Knives] : The whispered rumor of a group of trained killers for hire.


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