Pyrophera is a magic skill for creating and controlling fire.

It uses the abstraction system with a limitation that Pyrophera can manipulate fire and no other elements, even with miscasting. Nor can Pyrophera result in a summons of any kind. A result that ends in summons might elicit a special response from the GM though, depending on how the campaign evolves.

Access to Pyrophera skill is through a specialised Gifted trait, “Heart of Haphaestus” common to all those descended from Phaestos the first and his followers. This trait allows the character to open the Pyrophera skill, and free access to the fire element of the abstraction system.

This fire magic offers the chance to become adept at metalwork for those who chose to pursue it, and the sacred smiths of the Temple of Phaestos are famed across the empire and beyond for the quality of their forgework and the enchantments they work into their work. Wealthier Nobles, and Templar and Priest alike are often seen to carry enchanted items designed to get the best from their fire magic in the field.

Most Nobles only learn a few Rote Techniques for Pyrophera, but there are a few that strive to learn the true secrets behind the fire, a path normally only followed by the most devout of the Priesthood.

The most cloistered of the Priesthood are the Pyromancers, who stare into the sacred fire looking for clues to the will of Phaestos, and act as his agents of his divine will in the mortal world.


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